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Enhance the ambience of your place with our Raw Agarbatti, Bamboo Agarbatti 

An Overview

'All that glitters is not gold' is the philosophy to which we, Sajan Agarbatti Company strictly pay attention. With this we mean that year of establishment does not restricts a business from achieving success and make its name in the market. Being a newly established manufacturing organization, we possess up-to-the-minute machinery and state-of-the-art technology to fulfill our customers' demands within the stipulated time period. As a manufacturer, we are responsible enough to understand that rendering quality goods is the sole factor that makes clients happy. For this reason; we set up spacious and ultra-modern production plant to produce Incense Sticks of supreme quality. We offer our customers an enchanting assortment of Bamboo Agarbatti, Raw Agarbatti, Ayurvedic Herbal Incense Sticks, Almond Incense Sticks and Aromatic Incense Sticks that are prepared using the best quality material mainly the roots, fruits, flowers and leaves of the plant or tree; making these 100% natural and safe for usage.

Minimum Order Quantity is 10, 000 Pieces

Making Clients Happy

What's more important - listing long numbers of clients or making clients happy no matter how many you have? For any business, happy clients always the key to success and there's no doubt in this. We, at Sajan Agarbatti Company also believe in the same. For us, making our clients happier is the primary objective and we bring smiles to their faces by rendering better quality Bamboo Agarbatti, etc. to them. Moreover, we believe that offering quality products is also the best kind of advertisement as it helps in retaining existing customers and setting up new ones though word of mouth publicity. Therefore, we relentlessly work and give our best in every task that we are provided with, by our customers. Moreover, making customers happy allows us to have better sales opportunities and increased market growth.
Quality Ingredients

Why Prefer Us?

Making a reputed image is difficult, but maintaining that image is more of a tedious job to do. For this reason; we have and still continue to pay attention to even the minute details of our business, especially during the manufacturing of our products like Almond Incense Sticks, Aloe Vera Incense Sticks etc. Moreover, in order to ensure that everything goes well no matter what the situation is, we always remain ready to overcome the challenges to prove ourselves as the best in the domain.
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